we help create outstanding and high quality lifes.

more than basic necessities.

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the story of TheViko. Sdn Bhd.

TheViko International Sdn. Bhd. is one of Malaysia's most organized and diversify business group that consist interests across various business sectors based on basic necessities. Our vision is to provide what peoples need.

We help create outstanding and high quality livings from managed services,procurement and supply chain, foods & beverage's, retails manufacturing and property investment trading

Another important element in enhancing customer experience is in the management of customer satisfaction. To this effect, we have implemented multiple initiatives that are aimed at improving service delivery and our understanding of customer needs.

We believe that the strategies implemented for driving customer businessperformance and enhancing customer satisfaction will ultimately translate into improving our own business performance. This will allow us to reward our shareholders for their faith in us. In order to fulfil this promise, we have also made a commitment to improve our productivity yield. We are now a company of more than 50 employees. We have invested significantly in developing measurements over our resource utilisation because it is imperative that all our resources are employed to their most optimum potential.

All of these efforts are undertaken to ensure that TheViko International Sdn. Bhd. remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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Formed in year 2010, WIWIHAHA DEVELOPMENT STUDIO is an Information Technology and Internet Marketing divisions for TheViko International Sdn. Bhd. They have a team of 35 to build the system that now use globally online.

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Black Crowns Fashion was expanding from Breda to South East Asia market as their foundation, they provide wide range of fashion product, uniqueness is their key of success. We are now main distributor for Black Crowns Fashion.

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MyViko Home Investment Sdn Bhd is your preferable choice investment company that provides properties investment consultant service which caters to clients' investment financial planning needs and help in properties investment .

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